Why Trey Lance will be a great QB next season.

The 49ers took QB Trey Lance at the third pick in the 2021 NFL draft after moving up from pick 11. Trey Lance was decent in the preseason making some good plays and some bad ones as well. Trey Lance only started 2 games and had 603 yards 5 TDs and 2 INTs. In those two games he also had over 150 rushing yards with a touchdown that came off the bench against Green Bay. Saying that Jimmy G had half decent stats i think Lance could have better stats. The 49ers have TE George Kittle, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Ayiuk. They also have a great rushing attack that could set up some QB runs. The 49ers main focus is most likely going to be defense so for the most part Trey will have the same weapons. Depending on the trade the 49ers make for Jimmy i think our best pick is Cristian Watson from NDSU. Trey Lance had some troubles throwing the ball because our WRs kept dropping it. He was throwing too hard. Getting a WR who is used to that could be really good for Lance. The 49ers have a great defense even with our CBs getting mossed every play so it will be a lot of pressure on Lance but i think that he is more than ready to be a starter.


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