Who should’ve been the starting NL 2B?

Who should’ve been the NL starting 2B? There are very valid arguments for why both Adam Frazier and Ozzie Albies deserved the starting nod. In this article, I will be going over the stats to compare each player. I also polled a number of members of Insider Sports Media to see who they believed deserved the start.

Starting off with stats, Albies clocks in with a .262 Batting AVG, 15 HR’s, 61 RBIs, and 13 stolen bases. While Frazier comes in with a .330 Batting AVG, 4 HR’s, 29 RBIs, and 5 Stolen Bases. While lacking slightly in Batting AVG, Albies dominated the remainder of the hitting aspects. Next, let's move on to the fielding stats. For this, I will be using the most common fielding statistics. Fielding %, and Errors. Albies checks in at a .991 fielding % and 3 Errors. Frazier puts up a .985 fielding %, and 5 errors. The fielding stats come in closer than the hitting stats but Albies edges out Frazier slightly in fielding% and errors. Albies boasts better stats compared to Frazier, with the lone exception being Batting AVG.

After polling, the members of ISM, who they thought should’ve been the 2021 NL starting 2B in the All-Star Game, we came away with these results. Out of 42 members polled on the subject, 27 believed that Adam Frazier deserved the starting nod he received. While 15 believed Ozzie Albies was the more deserving of the starting honor.

The stats tell us that Ozzie Albies should have been starting 2B for the NL All-Star game, however, Adam Frazier still won the popular vote by a considerable margin taking 64.2% of ISM Votes. So while everything is already said and done, it still stands as a controversial decision between fans and stats.

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