Whats Next For The Miami Heat? Was Their Trip To The Finals A Fluke?

After losing in the first round to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Miami Heat are in a tricky situation. When the Heat went on their fairy tale trip to the NBA Finals just a year ago, the future looked very bright. However, after losing to the Bucks, the Heat's future looks more dim than bright.

The Heat have a very good balance of old and young players. Players like Goran Dragic or Andre Igoudala bring a nice veteran presence to the team. Then theres players like Bam Adebayo or Tyler Herro who give this team their youth and their future. The Heat also have players like Jimmy Butler, who has taken a leadership role on the team and was a main contributor on their trip to the finals. With this and a great coach in Erik Spoelstra the Heat look like a finals contender. If that is the case, then why were they swept in this year's playoffs?

The Heat's biggest issue is not themselves but instead everyone else. The NBA has so many great teams in this league that teams like the Heat start to struggle. When there are super teams like the Nets, the Heat are naturally going to fall behind. So even though the Heat have built an amazing roster, it can not compete with the other teams in the east.

I suspect the Heat's run to the finals was, in fact, a fluke, and in the upcoming years, we will see this team start to fall behind year after year. So now I ask you what you think? Was their run to the finals a fluke, or was it the start to something great? Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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