In The Bettors Corner: Week 2 Monday Night Football

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

After a losing Sunday, it is tradition to chase on Monday night. Another quarterback I took goes down early in Miami. But to be honest, I'm not sure a healthy Tua would have made a difference. Buffalo was ready to play and put the week one loss to Pittsburgh behind them. I misread that game totally. And the Chargers did everything but win and cover that game yesterday, moving the ball up and down the field and not being able to get in the endzone. Thank God for Minnesota in the most entertaining game of the day. So let's get started on Monday night; the dogs were barking at 4 o'clock yesterday, with Tampa Bay being the only favorite to cover and the books made out last night with the Ravens comeback. Detroit was up for the challenge last week against the Niners, but Jared Goff is still Jared Goff; the turnovers keep coming, and the Lions' defense was shredded at home. Aaron Rodgers suffered his worst loss as a pro and seemed not interested in Jacksonville last week. Fans will be back in Lambeau tonight, and Rodgers won't disappoint, lay the double digits, and back the home team in primetime.

Green Bay 11-

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