The Washington What?? part 3/3.

Washington has finally announced a new name. Many fans love it, while others do not. Let's take a deep dive into the new team and brand. First, let's take a look at where the team has been over the past 2 years.

July 2020- Breaking News the Washington Redskins have officially retired their name and mascot

August 2020- The Football team in Washington, who just retired their nickname the Redskins, Have a temporary name- The Washington Football Team- Coach Rivera said this- “We want to do this in a positive way,” he said over a phone interview and of course, he wanted a new name before the official season start. Unfortunately, this would not happen; the team kept the name “Washington Football Team” for the season.

February 2021- fast forward five months, name talks really started to heat up, fans come up with all sorts of names such as “Redwolves,” “Wolves,” “Warriors,” “Redtails,” and plenty more. During this time period, The team announced that their colors Burgundy and Gold would remain the team colors. At the same time, Washington announced very important news that would impact the season; they would remain the "Washington Football team" for the coming season. This would go on to make many fans mad, but a longer wait made fans way more excited for the future.

July 2021- This news just surfaced. The "Washington Football Team" Will release a new name and brand early in 2022.

September 2021- The new name will not be the Washington football team.

January 3rd 2022- A new name will be released on February 2nd, and we get the first look at the new uniforms.

February 2nd- #HailtotheCommanders! The new team name has been announced. The Uniforms are amazing, The name is growing on people, and it's a great site to see in D.C. Lets take a deep dive!

Helmets!- The Burgundy helmet now has a burgundy face mask with them! Plus, it is a matte material which in my opinion, looks much better than gloss.

These helmets to me have more of a futuristic design with the helmet and face mask being the same color. On the back of the helmet you can see the plate has the word Washington on it with a futuristic text font. above the text, you can see that the players number will be on the back of the helmet. You also see the single Gold stripe down the middle. Many people expected a pattern, or at lease 2 colors next to each other. To many though, including myself, the single stripe looks really good.

Black helmets! welcome to the next generation of alternates!

The black helmets and uniform are a completely new addition to the Washington Commanders which many asked for. The black alternate uniform is a futuristic style which, if you ask me, every team needs. Although Washington answered many fans prayers with these, some are questioning the yellow W on the front. On the back of the helmet, not pictured, is the D.C. flag which is a great addition.

Home Uniforms!

These primary home uniforms pay homage to our old throwback uniform with a darker shade of burgundy and gold number while still showing a modern look with a new font for the numbers.

Away Uniforms!

Now, these uniforms are the least liked out of the new threads, due to the gradient on the numbers. These uniforms will grow on people if the team starts winning, but if we lose, everyone is going to be mad. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Alternate uniforms!

First off, these uniforms are fire. Second off these uniforms are fire. I absolutely love these, so does everyone else. The only thing is, we all wish there was more burgundy. The helmets of these uniforms have numbers on the side, which in a way is a "throwback" to the WFT era.


The W logo is just like the WFT logo, but a little thicker with an army like w in the middle. The crest has the year our team was created, 3 stars which is military for a Commander, and the Superbowl dates that we have won. The word mark is very basic, the lines on the top and bottom of Commanders are to represent part of the D.C. flag.

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