The Washington What??

Maybe the biggest controversy in recent sports? You bet. There have been massive debates over plenty of years if the name Washington Redskins was racist. Due to that, Washington was losing money, fans, and much more. This lead to a major decision.

(Credit Fox News)

July 2020- Breaking News the Washington Redskins have officially retired their name and mascot

August 2020- The Football team in Washington, who just retired their nickname the Redskins, Have a temporary name- The Washington Football Team- Coach Rivera said this- “We want to do this in a positive way,” he said over a phone interview and of course, he wanted a new name before the official season start. Unfortunately, this would not happen; the team kept the name “Washington Football Team” for the season.

February 2021- fast forward 5 months, name talks really start to heat up, fans come up with all sorts of names such as “Redwolves,” “Wolves,” “Warriors,” “Redtails,” and plenty more. During this time period, The team announced that their colors Burgundy and Gold would remain the team colors. At the same time, Washington announced very important news that would impact the season; they would remain the "Washington Football team" for the coming season. This would go on to make many fans mad, but a longer wait made fans way more excited for the future.

July 2021- This news just surfaced. The "Washington Football Team" Will release a new name and brand early in 2022.

Fast forward to what we know today, early September of 2021, we are getting a new name that is NOT Washington Football Team. Early 2022 is when we will get the new name; I fully expect the announcement to come after the team gets knocked out of the season, It doesn't matter when could be they don't make it to the playoffs or they could go to win the super bowl, but after their season ends, I really think that's when we will see it. My second option for the release date is July 5th. Although not early 2022, but that is when Washington Adopted their Redskins name in 1932.

There are still many names being tossed around, but the clear leader among the fan base is Wolves or Redwolves. I personally like the Redwolves for more than 1 reason. Number 1, #HTTR This is the classic chant that was said at games, it used to stand for Hail to the Redskins, and with the Redwolves, it could still be #HTTR. The Red wolves are a type of wolf that is endangered; this could raise awareness and help keep them alive. Now my favorite reason is because of what the team would name themselves. The stadium could be the den; the defense could be the wolf pack; the O line could be the Dawgs. The fans could Howl when we score, and a secondary hashtag could be # defend the den. On a separate note, The name Washington Warriors have been ruled out; out of the past 6 months, I have seen almost no one wanting the name to be Redtails, so with that being said, the clear leaders are Wolves and or Redwolves.

As of right now, the Washington Football Team President and leader of the name change Jason Wright has said the team has narrowed its options down to 3 names. He will not say what, but that was announced almost 2 months ago, and a Team insider said we have reasons to believe that there has been a name chosen, and they are working on the branding aspects.

Other Than those names, during a video "making the brand" series that Washington does to update the fanbase on a name change, 8 names were tossed around, Jason Wright said those names were not specific, just names that were said, here are the names.

With that being said, the fan base cannot wait to see what happens next!

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