The Top 5 Best Series To Tune Into to During the First Round Of The NBA Playoffs.

Updated: May 22, 2021

With the NBA playoffs starting 5/22/21, here are the best series to watch during the playoffs.

5. Bucks V Heat

This series has a lot of potential to go 7 games. Both teams have met in the playoffs before, with the Heat winning their last playoff series. The Bucks are hungry for revenge, and the Heat want to get their revenge for the loss in the Finals last year.

4. Nuggets V Trail Blazers

This may seem like an easy win for the Nuggets, but if you look more into it, this is a really good series. Playoff Dame is a very different breed, but Jokic is having an MVP caliber season. Jokic V Dame. Who will win? Tune in to find out

3. Knicks V Hawks

Both of these teams are not used to the NBA playoffs. Not too long ago, these were two of the worst teams in the NBA. This year, however, they are both in the playoffs and are playing an amazing series against each other. Both teams are very equal, and this should definitely be a great series.

2. Suns V Lakers

This was almost my number 1. Devin Booker has been having an amazing year and has lead the Suns to the playoffs. However, if you look at the team they're playing..... It is really hard to bet against LeBron even if he's a great actor. (see what I did there?) This series is definitely a toss-up, and I can't wait for it!

1. Mavericks V Clippers

This one may come as a surprise but hear me out. The Clippers have a tendency to choke in the playoffs. The Mavericks are a very young team still but have loads of potential. These two teams met last year in the playoffs, with the Clippers barely squeaking out a win. With the Mavericks trying to get their revenge and the Clippers trying to prove they're not frauds, this should be a great series to watch!

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