The (Potentially) Most Exciting Matchups of the 2022 NFL Season

We are now one step closer to the start of the new NFL season everyone! After Thursday night, we now know the entire NFL season schedule from top to bottom. Here's some of the games that peaked our interest:

Week 1 LA Rams vs Buffalo Bills

The NFL definitely knew what it was doing pinning season veteran and now Super Bowl champion, Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp against the young Josh Allen and Steffon Diggs on Thursday night to start the season off. This game will have a ton of eyes on it and we might have an offensive shootout to start the season off.

Week 1 Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Week 1 will end strong for sure when Russell Wilson makes his return to Seattle to face his former team on Monday Night Football. We aren't to sure how this game will play out because the offense are completely opposite. Where Seattle is stacked with receivers they don't have a top tier quarterback to get them the ball, Denver has a top tier quarterback but depending what happens with the whole Jerry Jeudy situation Wilson might only have Courtland Southerland to throw to.

Week 13 Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals

You know Kansas City is going to have this game circled all season long. It's a rematch of the AFC Championship game. Need I say more?

Week 13 Houston Texans vs Cleveland Browns

Wasn't expecting to have a repeat of week 1 on the list but this will be DeShaun Watson's first game in Houston in over two years. No matter what the teams records are coming into this game, the story of this game alone will cause a ton of media attention.

Week 18 AFC North games

Cleveland plays Pittsburgh. Cincinnati plays Baltimore. This division can go to any of these four teams and the division crown might come down to the winners of these games.

We hope you all are just as excited as we are for this NFL season. These are just some of the games that caught our eyes while watching the schedule release. Let us know if any games caught your eyes

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