The Mets Are Back With New Owner Cohen!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The Mets, as of June 11th, 2021, are 31-24, which is the best in the NL East! The Mets haven’t won the division since 2015, and that season they made the World Series! Old ownership was a big part of that. The Wilpon family owned the Mets, and they are not specifically good at owning a baseball team, so for your sake and mine, I hope they aren’t back in baseball anytime soon.

The Wilpons sold the team last off-season, and for Mets fans, it was the highlight of the pandemic. The wilpons sold to one man… With the name Steve Cohen, you might have heard of him. He is a Billionaire, so Mets fans had a reason to cheer up. Mets fans were very excited; they even nicknamed him “Uncle Steve '' They were thrilled with the purchase from Steve Cohen, and so was he! Steve Cohen is a Mets fan, unlike the Wilpons, who Mets fans say were just in it for the money.

“Uncle Steve '' decided to trade Amed Rosario, Andrés Giménez, John Wolf, and Isiah Greene to the Indians for one of the best Shortstops in baseball, Francisco Lindor. He is a four-time All-Star and has a .281 BA (Batting Average) This season, he has not done his 4x All-Star play, but it is hard to adjust to being in New York; the media is very prevalent in NY. Before the Mets opening day (which was later than everyone else, because of the Nationals covid precautions.) They signed him for 10 YEARS! They spent A LOT on him as well, $341 MILLION.

In that Lindor trade, the Mets got Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco; he is an above average pitcher with last season in 60 having, 2.91 ERA with 12 GS and 68 IP. He played in spring training, but got hurt with a torn right hamstring. The Mets also traded for Joey Lucchesi from the Padres for Endy Rodriguez. His career ERA (from 2018-now) 4.34, and he has 338 strikeouts in his career. Lucchesi is pretty average to below average for the Mets so far this season.

Cohen also traded for Josh Winckowski, Sean Reid-Foley, and Yennsy Diaz from the Blue Jays for Steven Matz. Steven Matz was born a Mets fan and was drafted by them. Josh Winckowski has never made an MLB appearance and is in AA as of right now, with a 2.39 ERA and 37.2 IP with 33 SO; he is 23, so soon he might be in the majors if a lot of injuries happen. Sean Reid-Foley did not do good until this season, and his ERA is 1.98 with 6 Games played and 13.2 IP., an Above average relief pitcher. Yennsy Diaz has two games played this season and a 0.00 ERA, with 2 IP and 3 Strikeouts. So far, he has done good for the Mets but has not played a lot. The Mets later traded Josh Winckowski and a player to be named for Khalil Lee from the Red Sox, Khalil Lee, he didn’t make his MLB appearance until he was traded to the Mets, and so far, he has 18 plate appearances and one hit. His BA is .056; he also has one rbi, with him getting a rbi double.

“Uncle Steve” Traded for Jordan Yamamoto from the Marlins for Federico Polanco. This season Jordan has two games played 6.2 IP with a 4.05 ERA and 3 strikeouts. Jordan is pretty average this season. They also Acquired cash from the Cardinals for Ali Sanchez. Not a very big move, but one that helps know the story of the Mets this season. Claimed LHP Stephen Tarpley from the Marlins. Tarpley has 2 ER in 1 game, so that makes an infinite ERA. He has 0 strikeouts this season and was below average in his 0.0 IP, which means he gave up 2 runs but got no outs. Claimed RHP Jacob Barnes from the Angels, and this season has 18.1 IP with 2 saves and 17 strikeouts. He has a 5.40 ERA below average; he hasn’t done that bad but hasn’t been great.

Steve got the Mets to sign Aaron Loup, One year, $3M Albert Almora Jr, One year, $1.25M Sam McWilliams, One year, $750K. Sam is in AAA and is a pretty average pitcher in the minors. Almora is an OF and played 20 games, with .048 BA with 21 AB’S and 1 hit. He was injured trying to catch a ball and fell at the wall. Loup had to leave today's game by getting hit by a pitch in the chest, but so far, 2.30 ERA and 15.2 IP, and 18 Strikeouts. He is an above-average relief pitcher.

Now Cohen spent some of his 15 Billion. James McCann, Four years, $40.6M Taijuan Walker, Three years, $23M Trevor May, Two years, $15.5M. McCann is a 1x All-Star and is an excellent catcher. Last season he was on the White Sox and caught the only no-hitter last season. He has 170 PA with a .239 BA and 37 hits. McCann is 30 (Birthday June 13th) and is a very good Veteran Catcher. Taijaun has 11 GS with 61 IP this season and a 2.07 ERA with 60 SO’s. May was a former Twin and is an RP; he has 23 games this season and has 21 IPs. He has a 3.86 ERA and 27 Strikeouts. May has been good in the past, so hopefully, he can be good again for the Mets.

Now Cohen got back at it and got The -illars Kevin Pillar, One year, $5M Jonathan Villar, One year, $3.55M. Villar plays Shortstop, Second Baseman, and Third Baseman; he has played 50 games and 150 AB’s, he has a .253 BA with 38 hits. He is pretty good for the Mets. Now, this is one of the toughest players in baseball, Kevin Pillar. Kevin got hit in the face with a baseball and was very bloody and needed surgery; he is now back. Kevin has played 37 games with 116 PA. He has 29 hits with a .264 BA. He is a good and tough Centerfielder. He even played with his bat with blood on it.

Steve got a bunch of minor league contracts. Jose Martinez (split contract), Caleb Joseph (split contract), Jerry Blevins, Mallex Smith, Jose Peraza, Arodys Vizcaino, Jerad Eickhoff, Tommy Hunter, Mike Montgomery, Brandon Drury, Trevor Hildenberger, Wilfredo Tovar, Tom Windle. Jose Martinez and Peraza have both been placed on the roster. Brandon Drury has also been in the majors. All others haven’t played in the majors and are still in the minors. Jose has done pretty decently. Peraza has played 31 games, 94 PA, and 18 hits with a .207 BA. He also has 3 Home Runs so far. Drury has played 15 games with 35 PA. He has 7 hits and a .212 BA. He also has 2 Home Runs.

Steve made a move on May 25th to trade for Billy Mckinney from the brewers for minor league left-hander Pedro Quintana. Billy has been good since the Mets got him. This season on the Mets, he has played 13 games and 47 plate appearances with 13 hits and a .301 BA. He also has 4 Home Runs. He has been good on the Mets. He has played 40 games and 100 PA on the brewers, with 19 hits and a .207 BA. He has been good for the Brewers and the Mets.

Now basically, it's the Mets “Secret Weapon” He is not much of a secret as he is very popular, but it's DeGrom. 2x Cy young winner, 3x All-Star. In 2014 he won Rookie Of The Year and had the lowest ERA in 2018, with 1.70. SOMEHOW he has a 0.56 ERA which is the lowest in the MLB. This season he is 6-2 with 10 starts and 64 IPs. He has 103 strikeouts. He is the best pitcher in the Majors by a lot.

The way Steve got players to fit in their lineup in case of injury is very good because the Mets have many of them. They have around 13 injuries which is a lot; they have over a lineup worth of injuries. Cohen made it, so they have many backups, and now that they use them, they do good. The Mets are first in the NL East with 13 injuries, which means Steve did something good in the off-season.

The Mets are contending for a postseason spot when the season ends and might make it far. Injuries have not been kind to them, but the bench has. I think the Mets can make it to the world series at this rate, beating up on teams like the braves. With the win over the Padres, I think the Mets are a top 10 team in baseball as of right now!


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