The Hype Is Spiraling Out Of Control...

Every couple of years, a polarizing prospect gets an incredible amount of hype that isn't necessarily warranted. So whether it be because of a single year, or a highlight tape of great plays, or a big name, they either get drafted extremely high to the wrong place and end up disappointing, or they fall through the cracks, everyone freaks out and calls them the steal of the draft, and then their draft positioning ends up playing out like nobody expected.

That prospect in the 2022 NFL Draft Class could end up being Derek Stingley Jr. This is going to make a lot of people very upset, but it needs to be addressed. I have seen so many people acting like Stingley is the greatest corner prospect ever and even see people grading him higher as a prospect than Jalen Ramsey...

While I will agree, Derek Stingley Jr is a great cornerback prospect, he's being touted too highly because of his freshman season, where he was incredible, but people are letting that single-season overshadow his most recent season, which was a major step back from his freshman campaign. Based on what I've watched and scouted based on Stingley's sophomore campaign, I don't think he's the generational, elite prospect that he is made to be.

Stingley can do everything about being a corner well, but I feel the issue is that his traits and abilities are overstated. He isn't the absolutely elite press corner that he is said to be; he's late recognizing breaks in routes more often than people are willing to say. However, the strongest point in his game, in my opinion, is his footwork and overall athleticism; it's great, maybe borderline elite, but I don't think it's quite at that upper echelon level.

With that being said, I don't think Stingley has a single "weakness," and I think his weakest link is his tackling and run support, and even that is solid.

Stingley can very, very easily catapult himself into the tier that people are currently placing him in, but I don't think he's there yet, and a major factor in that is his regression last year.

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