Soccer is on the rise in the United States and here is why

Think of any sport that is played in America, I bet soccer did not come to your mind, but it might in a few years. First of all, you have the MLS. A league founded in 1993. At first, we only had 10 teams, but today we have 27, which many have just joined in the past 10 years. The MLS did not do too well the first few years until 2007. Then, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, David Beckham, joined the LA galaxy. This made the MLS look like a league that could prod high skilled players. And after that day, the MLS has only gone up. More highly skilled players have come to MLS like Zlatan Ibrahimović and David villa. These big names coming to MLS have made Americans watch and the game and start to enjoy it. In 2019, The MLS final’s tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes. These big names also have worldwide recognition.

The second reason that soccer is rising in America is The United States Men’s national team. (USMNT). Recently, the United States have won the gold cup against Mexico and the nations league against Mexico. This is the first time the United States has beat Mexico in back-to-back cup finals. And with MLS growing, that makes the USMNT grow as well. All the big stars that are coming to MLS are able to play for the USMNT because they play in that country. And with better players, we can compete in better tournaments and become the best in the world. One of the better players that I see for the USMNT right now is Daryl Dike. He is a striker that played for the University of Virginia and plays for Orlando City in the MLS. He had been playing for the USMNT for a couple of months now and is a great player with many goals in the MLS and the USMNT. We are getting more players like him now that soccer is growing, and players like him attract many foreign players all over the country and world to come to play for the MLS and eventually play for the USMNT. Soccer is growing in America and getting many people into the sport. There is a very bright future for soccer in the United States of America.

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