Ravens Roster Competition: TE3

The Ravens love their tight ends, as they've always leaned on the position and utilize a variety of three Tight End sets in their scheme. Well, using tight ends is one thing, but using them well is another. The Ravens know how to use them well, and having one of the best receiving tight ends in the league in Mark Andrews makes the process a whole lot easier. However, Mark Andrews does not sum up the entire tight end room in Baltimore either. They also have one of the best blocking tight ends in the league and one that is behind their excellent rushing game in Nick Boyle.

However, this offseason, it is not the starting and blocking tight end positions that are in question. Instead, it is a competition for a spot very deep down in the depth chart, the 3rd string tight end position. The Ravens showed the entire league just how important the TE3 position actually is after trading Hayden Hurst and opting against getting a replacement for him. When Nick Boyle went down with a season-ending knee injury in a Week 10 game against the Patriots, the Ravens were left incredibly thin at that position, with no other options than to play players like Eric Tomlinson as a blocking tight end.

Well, the Ravens learned their lessons, making some huge moves at tight end during this offseason. Moves like trading for Josh Oliver and signing undrafted free agent Tony Poljan just shows how much the Ravens wanted to improve their tight end depth.

There are plenty of other options at that tight end position as well, with players like Eli Wolf and Jacob Breeland at that tight end position. Even the fullbacks in the team like Patrick Ricard and rookie Ben Mason could also play at tight end.

Judging by the way the roster is structured, I expect the TE3 on the roster to be more of a receiving threat and have above-average receiving skills, with a decent set of blocking skills. An easier way to explain it is that they are the "jack of all trades" and is a do-it-all in the team. A good example is Hurst. His blocking capabilities are not as good as his receiving capabilities, but both are pretty decent.

The tight ends that are competing for this position bring a diverse range of skill sets to the table. You got capable blockers and special teamers like Tomlinson and receiving threats like Oliver and Wolf.

Based on practices without pads that we have seen for most of this offseason, I would say that the receiving skills that players like Oliver and Wolf flashed could be the factor that decides if they get the TE3 spot. However, as I have mentioned, decent blocking skills are also required from the players that are playing in the TE3 spot. Thus, it remains to be seen if Wolf and Oliver are able to do decently well as a blocker.

There are a few players that could be ruled out, though. Players like Poljan and Breeland have little to no chance of winning the competition for the TE3 spot. However, after ruling out these 2 players, there are still 3 players, not including the fullbacks, who could compete for the TE3 spot.

Who wins this roster battle? Only time will tell. However, one thing is for sure - this decision made by the front office could heavily impact the team this upcoming season, given the heavy formations the Ravens love to use.

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