Ravens Roster Breakdowns: Quarterbacks

The NFL season is about 2 months away, and it can only get nearer. So with that in mind, let's start to talk about the roster breakdowns and competition in Baltimore, starting with the Quarterbacks.

Lamar Jackson:

This guy needs no introduction. Drafted 32nd overall in 2018, he was a unanimous MVP in his first full season as the starter, setting a career-high 265 pass attempts for 3127 yards and finishing the season with a 113.3% passer rating. In 2019, Jackson also rushed for a record-setting career-high 1206 yards with 176 attempts. Of course, like all other MYPs, Jackson regressed in 2020, with his stats dropping by a fair bit. This has led to many people starting to underrate him, and PFF even cut him from their top 50. People are also starting to call him a running back because of his running stats. However, I am confident that he will be able to do well this season and prove the doubters wrong, earning him a contract extension in the meantime.

Roster Projection: Undisputed starter, QB1

Trace McSorely:

A 6th round pick out of Penn State in 2019, he rarely touched the field in his rookie year as Robert Griffin III was the primary backup to Lamar Jackson. McSorely only stepped into an NFL game that year in which he rushed for 1 yard on a single attempt.

In 2020, he stepped up for a bigger role as Jackson's backup after Griffin was injured in a Week 12 matchup against the Steelers. He appeared in 2 games in 2020 in which he had a total of 3 completions for 90 yards and a passing touchdown. He was also a contributor in the rushing game, rushing for 17 yards in 5 attempts.

With Griffin now waived by the Ravens and a QB not signed, Trace McSorely looks to be one of the 2 QBs, the other being Tyler Huntley, fighting for the backup role behind Lamar Jackson.

Roster Projection: Primary backup, QB2 / Practice squad

Tyler Huntley:

An undrafted free agent out of Utah in 2020, Huntley managed to get more touches in his rookie season than his primary competition Trace McSorely.

In 2020, Huntley managed to feature in 2 regular-season games and one postseason game, in which Lamar Jackson was knocked out of the game with a concussion after trying to retrieve a wild snap. Huntley managed to complete 3 passes for 15 yards in the regular season and rush for 23 yards in 10 attempts. For most of last season, he was a practice squad player and would be looking to compete with Trace McSorely for that backup spot behind Lamar Jackson after Robert Griffin III's departure from the team this offseason.

Roster Projection: Primary backup, QB2 / Practice squad

In the coming days and weeks, I will dig into the roster breakdowns for the Ravens and the competitions as well. Stay tuned...

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