Potential Playoff Matchups

Updated: May 17, 2021

1. Denver Nuggets

In My Opinion, this is the Best Possible Matchup for Us, and As of Today, we are the 5th Seed and would be Playing them in a 4-5 Matchup; since the Injury of Jamal Murray, they've had to Rely on Austin Rivers and Facu Campazzo in there Backcourt, I think this is the Best Matchup because they don't have Anyone that can Guard, Dame, Cj, and Norm, who would all Probably be Starting, They never had anyone that could guard Dame and CJ, but now without Jamal Murray they don't have anyone that Can Even Remotely Closely Keep up with either of Them offensively, they now have to Rely on MPJ who has just recently in the Late Portion of this season started to be Amazing offensively, even though he was already really good throughout the whole season, We have big bodies like Nurkic, Rondae Hollis Jefferson, and Harry Giles that we can throw at Jokic. If we were to play the Nuggets in a Series like it looks like we are going to, it would be a Very winnable series.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

This is the Hardest Matchup that we would have to play in, and that is because, As I said in the previous matchup, the Nuggets don’t have anyone that can guard Dame, Cj, and Norm, that is the complete Opposite deal with the Clippers, they have elite and scrappy defenders on the Wing and Guard Positions, They have Rondo, Pat Bev, Paul George, and Kawhi that they can just all Throw at our Big 3, in the Game’s that we’ve played against them this season, we have lost because of Pat Bev, Rondo and PG Constantly being thrown at Dame which caused him to have bad game’s, They have a Perfect collection of Scrappiness and Effort that could Potentially stop our big 3. In turn, we also don’t have Anyone that could even Contain their Elite offense; Roco and DJJ are good Defenders but not on Kawhi and PG’s levels. We can’t stop any of their Players, and They have Players that could stop all of ours; that is what would make them the Hardest Matchup for Us to Go Against in a 7 Game Series.

3.Phoenix Suns

We currently wouldn’t verse them Unless we fall to 7, which is still possible, but This team would be a Very 50/50 Matchup; they have Really Good Defenders, but they're not as Great as the Clippers defender's, they also are very Inexperienced besides Chris Paul and Jae Crowder when it Come’s to playoff Experience, Everyone else on their team would be playing in there first ever Playoff Series, Compared to us who are Very Experienced, We have the Longest Playoff streak Currently in the League, and we have a Champion in Norman Powell who knows what it’s like to win in the Biggest Moments, We also have wing Defender’s like Robert Covington and Derrick Jones Jr that we can throw at Devin Booker who is easier to Guard than Kawhi Leonard, Us being more Experienced and having Clutch Players and winners is that makes me think that this Series could really go any Way.

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