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Updated: May 17, 2021

Since the Schedule Being released, The Packers didn’t get the teams that we Packers fans hoped we would play. And with Aaron Rodgers on the verge of trade or retirement(Worst Case Scenario for him), Some of the games might be harder than they look.

Week 1: @Saints

Prediction: 38-17 Win

Without Drew Brees for the first time since 2006, the Saints find themselves in a tight competition for the Starting QB in which we see Jamies Winston playing the majority of the game. We also see Aaron Rodgers starting and playing an amazing game, surprisingly, even with the rumors of him being traded still flying at this time.

Week 2: Lions

Prediction: 31-7 Win

Stafford being gone and Goff having only played 1 game, New Coach Dan Campbell Finds himself in a Mess as Goff doesn’t have many great weapons to throw the ball to, and that is the reason being for the only scored 7 points. Meanwhile, the Lions have their issues; the Packers put another 30 point game up and only hold the opposing team under 10 points with new starting edge rusher Rashan Gary; the Packers defense is looking scarier than ever.

Week 3: @49ers

Prediction: 24-20 Win

A Close win, but the Packers pull this one away in the 4th on an Eric Stokes pick 6. It's a good game overall from both teams on primetime Football, especially from rookie QB Trey Lance. The reason for this game is as close as it was because I think Jordan Love will make his NFL debut throwing for a few hundred yards and 2 TDs.

Week 4: Steelers

Prediction: 28-10 Win

While the Steelers are still a good team without a QB Competent enough to put up the good throws, the Steelers can’t beat the night of the Packers Defense and offense with Alexander, Stokes, and Sullivan Diontae Johnson can’t get his hands on the ball like usual. Juju being Juju still making TikTok‘s before the game is still getting hate from Players and Fans around the league.

Week 5: @Bengals

Prediction: 42- 24 Win

Burrow is able to put up 24 points, but the Packers' offense is too much for Cincy’s D to stop. With the Rodgers to Adams connection, the two combine for 111 Yards 2 TDS. Still, The Bengals' offense is hood enough with Burrow Higgins and Boyd; they still have enough light to put up some point late.

Week 6: @Bears

Prediction: 31-27 Win

With Andy Dalton still starting, the Bears go down early and make a Comeback with Justin Fields and get close but just not far enough. The Bears still having a top 10 defense. The Packers' offense overruns them early, but they hold up in some crunch-time situations to make the game closer whilst the Offense can’t really get anything going till the late 3rd.

Week 7: Washington Football Team

Prediction: 34-13 Win

Without a Real Starting QB, Washington plays many QBs (including Steven Montez, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the GOAT Taylor Heinicke), In which all are average and put up a few points each. And the Packers aren’t playing Rodgers due to an Injury Jordan Love has another game on his hand in which he succeeds and grabs the dub from Washington at home in his first game as a starter.

Week 8: @Cardinals

Prediction: 35-34 Win

With the new threats, the Cards offense pushed the 70% of the way, and they needed the defense to put in that other 30% but ultimately couldn’t; due to this, the Packers pulled out and put up the 35 points to win on the road in Arizona.

Week 9: @Chiefs

Prediction: 38-35 Loss

A tough loss on the road to ruin the Packers' undefeated season as the Chiefs pulled this one out of their pocket in the 4th with a game-tying field goal and a game-winning field goal. This would go onto be one of the best games of 2020.

Week 10: Seahawks

Prediction: 24-14 Win

The Seahawks have a good offense, right can we agree on this. Their Defense though, and their O-Line, Not Great, Not Great And that is the reason that the Seahawks lost this one because while on offense, Rashan Gary Zadarius Smith was rushing from the sides, and Stokes were tightly guarding Russell’s Receivers, Alexander, and Sullivan and this forced the Seahawks to run it with Carson more often than not so they couldn’t really do anything with their runs.

Week 11: @Vikings

Prediction: 35-21 Win

This one wasn’t tough to pick. The Vikings are a power of the NFC North but not enough to take down the major power of the NFC North. Cook can run, and he was the majority of the Vikings offense other than Justin Jefferson, who was catching balls defense downfield. The Reason, the Vikings, couldn’t win this game was the halt of their offense in the third. In the Third Cousins, all of the suddens passes were inaccurate, throwing the ball too high or too far to the right or left, so this forced The Vikes to run with Cook and Mattison and take 40-yard field goals instead of 20-yard TDs.

Week 12: Rams

Prediction: 27-17 Loss

A tough loss at home to the Rams. The Rams a supposed powerhouse team for the 21-22 Season. The Rams are ready and go to a cold winter Lambeau and still beat up the Pack. The reason for this Loss from the Pack is the Rams DEFENSE. Even playing their Linebacker, Coach the Rams don’t care. With Donald and Ramsey, they still have a stellar defense good enough to stop the Stacked Packers Offense.

Week 13: Bye

Week 14: Bears

Prediction: 42-27 Win

With Dalton back, Foles and Dalton switch on and off the field for plays, which doesn’t work. The Packers trampled all over the Bears defense again at Lambeau. With the Bears defense pretty much destroyed after the 3rd Quarter, the Bears offense attempted to pick up the pieces to the puzzle, but it was deemed too hard and couldn’t put up enough points for a victory.

Week 15: @Ravens

Prediction: 17-14 Loss

Going to Baltimore is a tough game, but it can get worse by that. I mean RAIN. Absolute Downpour, Cold Rain. Even though the Packers are used to the cold, they were not ready for the cold rain, which hit them hard. When it really picked up in the 4th, The Pack were driving, and Rodgers threw a pick one pick 3rd on the season only 3 and Rodgers threw it over the side too high and into the hands of Chuck Clark and returned 38 yards tackles by Jones and Tucker hit the game-winning field goal.

Week 16: Browns

Prediction: 34-26 Win

Browns are super competitive with Baker, Odell, Jarvis, Hooper, Hunt, and Chubb. Their offense is stacked absolutely stacked. But the Packers their defense has some weapons Smith Bros, Gary, Alexander, Stokes, Clark, Savage, And Amos. That’s competition for the Browns and their offense, and they can compete, and that’s how I think the Pack wins this game by their defense.

Week 17: Vikings

Prediction: 22-13 Win

2nd to last week of the season, and the Packers keep themselves in shape with a calm, quick Vic over the Vikes. This game was clearly won by Aaron Jones, who I think will rush for 117 Yards 2 TDs and led the Pack’s Offense to the Victory.

Week 18: @Lions

Prediction: 45-16 Win

It happens every year, Packers Vs. Lions. Every year I watch this game and enjoy it because I know it is one of the greatest rivalries in football. And this one ends up being another victory year for the Packers, and the Packers won this game with the help of 2 Interceptions from Jackson and Stokes.

Well, that’s my seasonal predictions for the 2021-22 Packers Season. Thank you for your time.

By BrewCity Insider

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