NFC West Record Prediction

With the first sessions of training camp starting this week and the NFL schedule being fully released. Now is as good as time as any to discuss how the season plays out. Who wins the division? Who is scrapping the bottom of the barrel? Over the next few weeks we’ll break down each of the divisions and let you know exactly what the league looks like at the end of the year. Let’s start with the NFC West:

Rams (12-5) - This one was pretty easy. Sure they lost Von Miller and Robert Woods but they got very solid replacements in Bobby Wagner and Allen Robinson. No way the Rams don’t end the year as division champions again.

Wins: Atlanta, Arizona (2), Dallas, Carolina, San Francisco, @New Orleans, Seattle (2), Las Vegas, Denver, @Los Angeles Chargers.

Losses: Buffalo, @San Fransisco, @Tampa Bay, @Kansas City, @Green Bay

49ers (10-7) - This 49ers team can definitely give the Rams a run for their money no doubt about it. The questions of Samuel and Jimmy G staying might put a damper on this season. I don’t feel comfortable giving the 49ers the division because of those question marks.

Wins: @Chicago, Seattle (2), LA Rams, @Carolina, @Atlanta, LA Chargers, Arizona (2), Miami

Losses: @Denver, Kansas City, @LA Rams, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Washington, @Las Vegas

Cardinals (5-12) - It’s looking like Kyler might sit out until he gets a new deal and I really do not think that the Cards will be able to keep up this season without him. They will definitely miss Chandler Jones on defens, JJ Watt is a shell of his former self, and Colt McCoy slinging the ball around to Hopkins? Yeah count me out.

Wins: @Carolina, Seattle (2), New England, @Atlanta

Losses: Kansas City, Las Vegas, LA Rams (2), Philadelphia, New Orleans, @Minnesota, San Francisco (2), LA Chargers, @Denver, Tampa Bay

Seahawks (4-13) - The first year without Russell Wilson is going to be a tough one to watch for Seahawks fans. Thats all I have to say about that.

Wins: Atlanta, NY Giants, Carolina, NY Jets

Losses: Denver, San Francisco (2), Detroit, @New Orleans, Arizona (2), @LA Chargers, @Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, LA Rams (2), @Kansas City

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