NBA Mock Draft Picks 1-10

Today I’m gonna be giving you guys my NBA Mock Draft. With the NBA Being filled with new players from College every year I thought it was only right to do one.

#1 Rockets: Cade Cunningham,PG Oklahoma State

Everybody knows that Cunningham is a Cunning player (see what I did there). All things aside Cunningham has one of the best Three point shots in the draft and has an incredible Basketball IQ. With this Cunningham can bring a Generational Talent to the Rockets and hopefully the Rockets can bhold a team around Cunningham and Win a Title.

#2 Pistons: Evan Mobley, C USC

It's no secret The Pistons have been lacking talent, but there was a time that they were a Powerhouse of the East. And with this pick Mobley and Grant can hopefully get the Front Office to build a team around them and Restore Glory to a Struggling Detroit Team.

#3 Magic: Jonathon Kuminga, PF G-League Ignite

Now I don’t know very much about Kuminga, But I do know he is good,Very Good at Basketball. Playing only one year of Basketball in the US, Kuminga played for the G-League Ignite, averaging 16 Points, 7 Rebounds, And 2 Assists. These Stats are okay all things considered he played with players who have played in the NBA for years.

#4 Thunder: Jalen Green, SG G-League Ignite

Green, another G-League Ignite Player who skipped college, Played with The Ignite team for one year. The Thunder have talent but not enough with Shai, Dort, and Bazley. Thunder need another big talent guy to boost them to a championship, and Green could possibly be that guy for the Thunder.

#5 Cavs: Jalen Johnson, SF Duke

Playing for Coach K for only half the year before declaring for the Draft, Johnson was carrying this disappointing Duke squad. And the Cavs have had a big void in the Small Foward position since the leave of Lebron, and I think the Cavs could use a new talent such as Johnson.

#6 Warriors Via T-Wolves: Jalen Suggs, SG Gonzaga

After a sad loss to Baylor in the NCAA Tournament Finals, Suggs declared for the Draft. With his talent, Suggs could help the Warriors restore their former Playoff Ways with a Guard who can drive and take mid-range shots and make them is just what the Warriors need to get back to the Finals.

#7 Raptors: Scottie Barnes, SF Florida State

Barnes brought skill uncharted to FSU, Skill that Florida State hadn’t seen since Jonathon Issac had left. Even with the small productions of talent, FSU has never had someone as good as Barnes in a little while. I think the Raptors take Barnes because of the Departure of Kawhi; the Small Forward position has been vacant of a genuine solid Starter.

#8 Magic Via Bulls: Franz Wagner, SF Michigan

The Magic, another team with a void in the Forward position take Wagner as another Rookie to get boards and put up points for the Magic. Now with Anthony, Harris, Wagner, Kuminga/Porter, And Carter at Center the Magic have a scoring lineup at Store and could possibly make it to the Playoffs.

#9 Kings: Moses Moody, SG/SF Arkansas

The Kings are another team needing a Guard Forward combo player, and they can get that with Moody. Moody is one of the better players in the SEC coming into the draft with Talents in all the necessary needs of a player.

#10 Pelicans: Davion Mitchell, PG Baylor

Mitchell is one of the best Guards in the Draft with versatile ranges of Scoring and a very high Basketball IQ as which he can throw the Ball from every corner of the court to anyone.

Thanks for Reading I will have part 2 (Picks 10-21) Out Soon.

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