Miami’s 2022 Off-season Needs

Its clearly the off season for Miami and the Dolphins just hired their new head coach Mike McDaniel. It was a great hire but in my opinion Miami needs to do much much more work in the off season to get into the post season next year.

For starters:

Miami HAS TO resign Emmanuel Ogbah. He is a pending free agent. Ogbah would likely get a deal in the 9 million a year type of contract. Miami has the cap space so they should clearly sign him.

Secondly it’s no lie that Xavien Howard wants to be in Miami but he also wants to be paid, and he clearly deserves it. Miami should definitely restructure his contract and keep him locked for atleast the next 2-3 years. Howard’s contract would likely have him around 11-12 million a year. Not bad for a extremely great corner whose only 28 years old and is coming off 15 interceptions within 2 years.

Thirdly, Mike Gesicki has been a baller for us as a pass catching weapon. The only flaw in his game is run blocking or pass blocking but that’s okay as Miami has several tight ends that can block. If I’m Miami, I’m paying Gesicki and bringing him in for several more years.

Next step to improving is definitely upgrading the Running Back room. Gaskins is clearly not a starting caliber back as he averaged 2.9 yards per carry. Miami can either look to free agency or get them a rookie in the draft as the draft is filled with star talented backs.

With reports of Miami trying to get rid of Devante Parker, Miami has to upgrade at receiver. Rumors have it that Calvin Ridley wants to be in Miami so Miami should look at that direction as well as free agency with stars like Chris Godwin, Michael Gallup, Allen Robinson, DJ Chark and even Odell Beckham likely becoming available.

Finally for the last step of Miami to get back to winning, you have to upgrade the front trenches. Miami currently has a little over 77 million in cap space and they have to look at free agency and definitely the draft. If they want to trust in Tua, they have to get him the protection. This is a team that has not won a playoff game in 20 years.


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