Jacob DeGrom Continues to Chase History on the Mound

Jacob DeGrom has four earned runs on the year, he also has five RBIs. Let that sink in, DeGrom has more RBIs than earned runs in June. It’s hard to really put into words how historical of a season DeGrom is actually having for the New York Mets. The Mets themselves are having a strong season, sitting at 34-25 and first place in the NL East at the time of writing this. They also boast a 19-6 record in the friendly confines of Citi Field.

DeGrom is certainly helping with that. He is currently 6-2 on the season, including recently beating the Padres after six innings of work. There is some concern as DeGrom only threw 80 pitches that night and left with flexor tendonitis. Flexor tendonitis is the swelling of tendons that bends the fingers, crucial to throwing a baseball.

Despite these injury bothers, DeGrom is on pace for history. He currently sits with a 0.56 ERA. A 0.56 ERA in June. It is rather unbelievable. Should he keep the pace he is on, he could finish the season with a sub-one ERA. A sub-one ERA in the modern era of baseball is unheard of. According to Baseball-Reference.com, only eight pitchers in history have had a sub-one ERA in a season. The last player to do so was Garnett Blair, who had a 0.957 ERA in 1945. Since then, the closest a player has gotten to that number was Gregg Maddux, who finished 1995 with a 1.599 ERA.

I think that paints the picture of how historical this feat would be.

The thought of DeGrom finishing with a sub-one ERA is unbelievable. In 2020, Shane Bieber posted a 1.629 ERA, the closest anyone has gotten to Maddux’s 1.599 in 1995. DeGrom himself posted a 1.70 ERA in 2018. He also won the CY Young in 2018, the first of two in back-to-back years, from 2018 to 2019.

While these numbers may be incredible, it may not be super shocking. DeGrom has been one of the best pitchers in baseball since his rookie campaign in 2014. He won the NL Rookie of the year in 2014. Since that, he has won two CY Young’s and finished fifth in MVP voting in 2018.

DeGrom has incredible personal statics to show for himself, but he continues to miss out on the postseason, at no fault of his own. The Mets have made the postseason just once with DeGrom on the roster, and that was in 2015. DeGrom pitched very well in that 2015 postseason as the Mets ran all the way to the World Series. It came crashing down in that World Series, though, as DeGrom struggled against the Royals.

Should DeGrom stay healthy and keep this pace, the Mets should make the postseason. In addition to that, DeGrom should clean up individual awards. DeGrom will comfortably win the NL CY Young, and for me, he has to win the NL MVP. The MVP race in the AL is rather close, but DeGrom missing out on the NL MVP would be robbery. For now, though, we should all sit back and enjoy watching history.

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