Is Jimmy Garoppolo Out of San Francisco?

If the reports are to be believed, the 49ers are moving on from Jimmy G and plans to make Trey Lance the starter going forward. Garoppolo Is one of those players in the league that have fans divided. This news either has you jumping for joy or shaking with fury. Personally, I don’t think Garoppolo is a bad quarterback and would definitely give most teams an upgrade at the position. So if he’s really out of the San Francisco where is he going to play?

Outside Chance:

Seattle - The Seahawks could realistically bring just about anyone in and they would have an upgrade at quarterback. Drew Lock sure isn’t the QB of the future. Garoppolo would give them at least some sort of fighting chance in the NFC West. But trading a key position piece to an in-division rival may not be in the 49ers best interest.

Chicago - The Bears have to start rebuilding somewhere. Maybe they bring Garoppolo in to mentor Justin Fields while they rebuild the line and receiving personnel? This may be a reach but if the Bears and 49ers get desperate enough this might happen.

Strong Chance:

New York Giants - Supposedly the Giants are the front runners to land Jimmy. And it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility. They didn’t pick up Daniel Jones fifth year option and definitely are in need of an above average quarterback. The Giants did draft Wan’Dale Robinson out of Kentucky and it would give Garoppolo a somewhat decent start in New York.

Certain Locks:

Atlanta - The Falcons are definitely in full rebuild mode at this point. Trading away Matt Ryan and bringing in Marcus Mariota. They’ll get Calvin Ridley back next season, will have Kyle Pitts in year three and a second year wideout in Drake London. Mariota is not the long term answer for this franchise. Jimmy Garoppolo could kick start this organization right back up.

Houston - The Texans need help everywhere it’s no secret. Bringing in a veteran quarterback, drafting a receiver rookie or two, bring in some free agents, and they might be slightly competitive again.

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