Is Hutchinson the best fit for the Lions?

Throughout the NFL the main thought is the Lions will take an edge rusher number 2 overall this year. What the Jaguars decide to do at one will ultimately decide what the Lions do. As draft day gets closer there are a lot of reports and draft analysts saying different things. The main 2 predictions for Jacksonville seem to be, Hutchinson or Evan Neal, an Alabama offensive tackle. Regardless today we will look at if Hutchinson would be the best possible pick for the Lions to make in this spot, assuming he’s available there. For starters, he may be the best available player at that spot. For this example, let’s say Evan Neal goes number one. The Lions have the choice of anyone else. Is anyone a better prospect then Hutchinson? That’s a question you must answer for yourself. I truly don’t think a safety is a good value pick at number 2. So, Kyle Hamilton is off of my list there. And I think that Hutchinson will be a better player than Kayvon Thibodeaux. That’s all my opinion. At the end of the day, I think if he’s available Aiden Hutchinson would be the best possible pick for the Detroit Lions to make.

Hutchinson is a hometown kid. He went to school in Dearborn, maybe 25 minutes away from Ford Field. He obviously attended Michigan and the Lions could keep him in Michigan his whole football career, what a dream for him. But seriously him being from here could help him adjust to the league faster. He also played some high school games at Ford Field so it's not all brand new. I also think he fits the scheme pretty good here in Detroit and with Glenn. Hes obviously a clear upgrade over the previous guys at his spot. Weather its Nick Williams or Austin Bryant, Hes an upgrade all day. He is strong and rips through blocks. All around I think Hes a stud and that hes a special talent, someone Detroit shouldn't hesitate to take. I believe the Lions have a near perfect fit in Hutchinson.

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