Is Falcons QB, Matt Ryan the issue in Atlanta?

In the past few years, The Falcons have had very little success making it big, and the one time they managed to do so gave it up to The Patriots in SB51. One of the few things that remain consistent through all these years is Falcons QB, Matt Ryan. This brings us to the ultimate question... Is Matt Ryan the issue in Atlanta, and should he start for The Falcons in 2022?


Starting in 2008, Matt Ryan was drafted by the Falcons with the 3rd pick in round 1 of the NFL Draft. In that year Ryan managed to amass 3,440 Yards, 16 TDs, and a 61.1 comp% winning him AP ORoY. In this year Ryan led the team to a 11-5 record before losing to The Cardinals in the wildcard round. The Falcons would not make the playoffs in 2009 but would hit 3 in a row following that in years 2010-12. Ryan would go on to make the Probowl in both 2010 and 2012. Falcons would again miss the playoffs this time for the next 3 years from 2013-15 however Ryan would again make the Probowl in 2014 with 4,694 Yards, 28 Tds, and a 66.1 comp%. In 2016, Matt Ryan would have a historic season with 4,⁹944 Yards, 38 TDs, and a 69.9 comp% winning him league MVP, OPoY, a Probowl selection and making it to the Superbowl. Falcons would make the playoffs just 1 more time under ryan in 2017. Overall in Ryans career he has had 59,735 Yards, 367 TDs, a 65.5 comp%, 4 Prowbowl selections, an OPoY award, ORoY award, and a MVP award.


Superbowl 51 was, well, a disaster. After being up 28-3 in the 3rd quarter with roughly 2:12 minutes of the clock, The New England Patriots would come back and beat The Falcons in an overtime James White TD. But how did Matt Ryan do in that game? With a statline of 284 Yards, 2 Tds, and a 81.0 QBR it might seem easy to blame Ryan for the poor late game performance. However in that game, Ryan was also sacked 5 seperate times and One of them resulting in a fumble late in the game. On the other aide of the ball, The Falcons defense absolutely collapsed in the 2nd quarter allowing for 40 minutes and 31 seconds of possession time to The Patriots throughout the whole game.


Now to answer the question, is Matt Ryan the reason for The Falcons failures? The answer: Not at all. Throughout Ryans career The Falcons have battled with a lack of Oline and Defensive help. Ryan has made this offensive unit one of the best the league has ever seen with the guy given to him, Ryan couldnt have done it all by himself of course with HoF players like Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez but Ryan definitely pulled his weight in the last 13 years for the team.


Finally, should Matt Ryan start for The Falcons during the 2022 season? This seems like a given at this point especially with both HC, Arthur Smith and GM, Terry Fontenot being clear that Ryan is the QB for next year. I believe ryan still has a good 2 years left in him, until then Falcons need to work on finding someone to fill the spot when Ryan cant play anymore.


In conclusion, Falcons QB, Matt Ryan throughout his long career has proven he can win and that he shouldnt be taking the blame for the failures of this team but be appreciated for all the successes. Ryan will and should remain the falcons starter through 2022 and if or if not The Falcons take a QB in a near draft, Ryan should be here to teach him.

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