In The Bettors Corner: Best Bets week 5

After another 2-2 week, I can't seem to find any momentum early on in the season. But, again, I'll never complain about a 2-2 week. It's better than an 0-4 week. We have now seen these teams for a month; it's time to trust our eyes and get above the Mendoza line. On to week 5...

Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers

1:00pm ET

The Steelers are on the brink of a major rebuild, an aging quarterback, a bad offensive line, and a coach that may have overstayed his welcome in the steel city. They committed to Big Ben, so don't expect them to bench him without injury. After a surprising win at Buffalo to open the season, the Steelers have lost three in a row. Two of them at home. In comes the Broncos, who are without their quarterback, and when they finally stepped up in class last week, were throttled by the Ravens. Steelers and Big Ben still have the ability to turn back the clock for one Sunday, and believe there are still contenders. They're not, but they will play like it here. Pittsburgh -1.

BET: Pittsburgh -1

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

4:25pm ET

I know, I know, Jimmy G. is out, Trey Lance is in. I like it; the kid can run, he's athletic and can move the pocket. Jimmy G. is the better passer, but the Niners seem like a team that needs a little boost somewhere, something to jump-start them. Two losses at home have them sitting at 2-2, and a loss here drops them three games off the division lead. Arizona is fresh off the beat down they gave the Rams in Los Angeles last week. They look and play the part of one of the best teams in football. Kyler Murray is an MVP candidate. All Kliff Kingsbury needs to do is stay out of the way, easier said than done. This is a flat spot for Arizona; if there ever was one, they won't be ready for the athletic Lance and may fall behind early, but Murray will do what Murray does, and they will squeak out a win late, but Niners cover. San Francisco+5-.

BET: San Francisco +5-

New Orleans Saints at Washington Football Team

1:00pm ET

Will the real New Orleans Saints team please stand up. They lay an egg in Carolina after stomping Green Bay in week one. And after going on the road to beat the Patriots in week three, they finally play a home game in front of a raucous crowd allowed in the Superdome for the first time in over a year and a half and get beat by the Giants. The Giants! New Orleans' defense allowed almost 500 yards of total offense. To the Giants!? Washington won late at Atlanta but again gave up 30 points after giving up 43 in Buffalo. Their defensive secondary is a mess and is getting torched every week. Expect the good Saints team to show up and Winston to get a couple of balls past this secondary and Sean Payton out fox Riverboat Ron. Saints -2.

BET: Saints -2

Season record 8-7

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