In The Bettors Corner: Best Bets week 4.

I have been a Giants fan for over 40 years, and I still can't believe the way they lose games. I went against my number one rule, don't bet on your own team. You can't be impartial. You simply want them to win so bad that it clouds your judgment. I'll never complain about a 2-2 week, but it will be a while before I back the hopeless Jets again. On to week 4...

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

1:00pm ET

Was there a tougher way to lose a game than Detroit did last week? A 66-yard field goal at the gun that bounced off the crossbar and in! And it shouldn't even have happened with Baltimore failing to get the play before off before the play clock ran out, but officials didn't call it. Wow! Give Dan Campbell credit for having his team ready to play every week; San Francisco, Green Bay, and Baltimore is a murderer's row start to the season, and they have been up for the task every week. Chicago head coach Matt Nagy is a clown. He has no idea what quarterback to play or sit, and it doesn't even matter. Chicago is a bad football team that has very little talent offensively and is about to implode. If that kick hit the crossbar and bounced the other way, Detroit might be favored here. Take the field goal with the fighting Dan Campbells. Detroit +3.

BET: Lions +3

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles

1:00pm ET

Kansas City is 1-2 and in desperation mode if there is such a thing in Kansas City. A loss here and a Raiders win would put them three games behind in the AFC West already. The Chiefs are 2-14 as a favorite in their last 16 games and 0-3 against the spread this year. They have been underachieving for over a year now, but Philadelphia came down to earth on Monday night, and they are who I thought they were a bad football team. Dallas ran and threw wherever they wanted to and shredded the Eagles' defense. Jalen Hurts will make a few plays with his legs, and the Chiefs do give up the most yards per play in the NFL. Probably a shootout in the city of brotherly love, and it's just not smart to bet against Patrick Mahomes and company in that scenario. Chiefs by 10.

BET: Kansas City -7

Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers


The Raiders fell behind 14-0 Sunday against Miami and were able to come back and take the lead, lose the lead and then win in overtime. At 3-0, the Raiders have been a tough out so far this season, and Derek Carr is having a career year. The Chargers are for real and will be at the top of the division all year, but a win at Kansas City last week in a back and forth kind of game may leave them a little flat this week. The Chargers' offensive line is banged up, and the Raiders have been getting after the quarterback in a big way early on, and Josh Jacobs seems like he will be a go for this game and will be able to run the ball. Expect more than a few Raider fans in the stadium from their days in Los Angeles, and the Chargers don't draw well anyway, so little home-field advantage here in prime time. Raiders by a field goal in a tight one. Raiders +3.

BET: Raiders +3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots


Very simply the game of the year. Tommy boy is going home. As great as Brady has been, it's the Tampa defense, more specifically the secondary, that has been awful. The defense has given up more points than any other team in the NFL. No question Brady wants this one bad but do you think Belichick wants to be shown up in his own backyard by his ex? What is forgotten in the "he said she said" war is that Belichick and Brady are the same person. They both are cold-blooded killers; they want to win more than anything. I don't expect a blow-out on either side. I don't think the Patriots are very good, and Tampa is not clicking defensively. Brady wins, but it will be close. Patriots +7.

BET: Patriots+7

Season record 6-5.

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