How Much did Jimmy G Affect the 49ers?

Jimmy G was drafted to the Patriots as a back up for Tom Brady and won 2 superbowls by just sitting on the bench. In October of 2017 the 49ers traded a second round pick for Jimmy G and he only started a full season in 2019. In that year the 49ers were 13-3 where he had 3978 yards, 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. We made the 1st seed and went on to lose the superbowl. Jimmy G threw the game away,literally. With an overthrow from Jimmy and many bad calls, the 49ers lost. The next season the 49ers didn't do nearly as well. The 49ers went 6-10 and missed the playoffs. In that year Jimmy G was hurt for most of the games and so was, you know, everyone else. Rookie Brandon Aiyuk was the star of the offense this year with Mostert, Deebo, and George Kittle hurt. Nick Mullens was the QB who started most games and the 49ers were desperately trying to change that. We won almost every game that year with Jimmy. The next season (this season) Jimmy was healthy almost all year. In 15 games he had 3810 yards 27 TDs and 12 INTs and we ended at 10-7. The 49ers were the underdogs in every game they played in the playoffs. They barley beat the Cowboys and Packers and when it came down to the NFC Championship, Jaquaski Tarrtt dropped a game winning INT. That lead to a Rams touchdown and gave the 49ers the ball. Jimmy G had it at 3rd down and while getting tackles he threw the ball high to JaMycal Hasty who dropped it and led an INT that led to the 49ers losing. In the two seasons Jimmy started we made at least the NFC Championship. Jimmy isn't that great of a player but he is a winner and a leader. But with the 49ers drafting Trey Lance in the 2021 draft, we will be moving on from him.


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