Fighter Showcase - Solomon "The Black Dragon" Renfro

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Solomon, "The Black Dragon," is the full package for the next MMA superstar. At only 24 years of age, he has a plethora of experience in the amateur and professional level with a combined record of 15-3, it is only a matter of time before the Renfro ear truly begins on a bigger stage. Many say that you are only as good as who you train with; Renfro has never had that issue with originally starting his career training in his native Buffalo, New York (Shoutout the 716 and Upstate New York) and training with the likes of former Bellator bantamweight title challenger Patchy Mix, he decided to better further his skill and switched camps and is now fighting out of Tiger Schulmanns as of 2020, with high-level names like top 15 featherweight in the world Shane Burgos and former Bellator and CFFC welterweight champion Lyman Good, Renfro has been training with UFC caliber fighters his entire career. After turning pro, Solomon would fight 8 of his first 9 professional bouts under the CFFC banner, which has spawned countless current UFC talent such as Sean Brady, Jeremiah Wells, the aforementioned Shane Burgos, and many more. He started his career off at a clean 6-0 before running into a wall known as Mike Malott in December of 2020 (who eventually fought and won on DWCS Season 5 Week 6 and earned himself a contract). Bouncing back from suffering his first professional defeat, Renfro came back with a vengeance and earned a knack for the finish, earning 2 straight KO/TKO's over Nick Alley and Lee Henry Lilly on route to a shot on Dana White's Contender Series as the main event in week 8 against the head striking coach of Syndicate MMA Jonny Parsons. His fight style is as well-rounded as you can craft a style, with KO power in his hands and legs as well as a submission game that needs to be addressed because he can snatch up an arm or a neck faster than you can think. His pace and cage presence has left all his past opponents stuck fighting on the back foot, and loves to throw heavy leather to the head as well as hooks and straights to the body (which is an underused tactic in MMA as a whole). His jab is a very educated one and is used to find his range as well as setting up combinations. One of his more underutilized weapons is the snapping low kicks he throws to keep opponents at bay, but he sticks mostly with the heavy boxing style that Tiger Schulmanns has become very popular over in recent memory. He is very fan-friendly, and with more octagon time, he has been able to piece more finishes together with the experience he has gained but also can dominate on the ground and grind for 15 minutes to a decision as well. Having the cage time and the skillset Renfro has at such a young age in an MMA career, it pays dividends to success as well as the lucrative championship belts in the UFC and as well as boxing that he desires to earn in the future and to be known as the best fighter to ever fight.

The fight itself was scored a controversial split decision victory for Parsons and earned him a contract in the process. Fans and media alike agreed that the decision was terribly incorrect, with statistics showing Renfro out landing Parsons on significant strikes 78 to 53 and total strikes 88 to 59 while Renfro showing a knockdown in the first frame. With the strike differential, Solomon was 2 for 4 on his takedown attempts, while Parsons was 0 for 3 while controlling Parsons on the ground for almost 2 minutes. This fight should have been Renfro's next step to the big show, but with a bad decision, one step backwards can only mean more progress forward, and there is more fight out of the black dragon that we have not seen yet. The fight itself was a close one, with Renfro blasting out of the cannon in the first, putting Parsons on the back foot and rocking and knocking him down and swarming onto him for the remainder of the 1st. The tide slowly shifted back and forth for the last 2 rounds as Renfro mixed in his collegiate level wrestling to take Jonny down and controlling him for the last 2 minutes of the 2nd. Renfro showed his veteran prowess and fought an intelligent fight and mixed in all facets of the sport of MMA to a split decision victory that should have been his for the taking. He has suffered defeat in the past and came back with a steady mind and a game plan to move forward; fighters earn the respect of the fans and the media for preserving and getting over the hump when it comes to losing or injuries etc. Every great fighter loses, all of the greats such as Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, Fedor Emelianenko, and Robbie Lawler, just to name a few, every fighter has a loss on their record, and no matter if the judges got it wrong it stays on the record as a loss. However, the greats and the champions of this sport continue to improve and never stop growing and honing their craft, and for Renfro, he is a student of the sport and puts in unbelievable effort into training and to be better than he was the day before. This defeat will not define or put a stop to what the Renfro era has in store for media and fight fans alike. Solomon Renfro is cut from a different cloth and has all the potential in the world to be the greatest to ever do it. The gift of gab he has when on the mic for his post-fight interviews are gold whether It is the undying confidence of asking the mayor of New York and New Jersey to fix potholes, so he doesn't hit them on his way driving to practice, he is must-watch TV no matter where his new fight may take place.

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