On August 12th, 2022, news broke that San Diego Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr had been suspended 80 games by MLB for testing positive for a PED by the name of Clostebol. This move quickly raised a ton of questions within the baseball community, "Why would MLB suspend one of their biggest, best, and arguably most marketable star in the business?" "Could this lead to another mass steroid bust?" neither of those questions have yet to be answered, this story became a whole lot more interesting when you start looking towards the facts and more statements made by Fernando and his father.

First off, it needs to be stated that Fernando has been on the IL all year long, and was on verge of coming back. The hype in San Diego awaiting his return was electric, as a matter of fact the whole league had been talking about and making up scenarios about how "the dads" would fair in a tough NL West rivalry with LA following Tatis's return, acquisition of fellow young superstar Outfielder Juan Soto and multiple time All Star LHP Josh Hader only made talks more hot. The Pad's had finally built the ultimate super team to rival The Dodgers! All that was needed was the heart and soul of their team, Fernando Tatis Jr to make his return to the stacked San Diego lineup. And it was looking like we were inching closer as Tatis was sent on a rehab assignment last week prior to his suspension. When the hammer dropped so did The Padres, their massive plans had been halted by a kid who was juicing when he wasnt even playing! Why would he risk his own teams future in exchange for his playing ability when he could not even play? Especially when he had already got signed to a massive deal and had been getting paid through his injury, which was not required, but a generous gesture by SD GM A.J. Preller. It does not make sense as to why someone of his caliber would do this in that situation. His teammates, front office, and GM had all come out and made statements all saying how disappointing it was to watch a young kid make that mistake and potentially throw away a shot at the Hall of Fame due to this. But did he REALLY do this intentionally?

In the days following, statements had been released by Fernando and his Father, long time MLB veteran Fernando Tatis Sr. Sr claimed that his son was unaware of his actions and the substance was due to a spray he was using to treat a fungus he had obtained due to "a bad haircut". Jr came out an further stated that the medicine he had been taking was to treat a case of Ringworm he had, and he was unaware the substance was in the medication. After this was stated there were multiple doctors on Twitter calling a bluff in Nando's statement, saying that the substance is "the last thing" they would prescribe for Ringworm, as it only makes it worse. However if you dig deeper you can find that there ARE certain skin creams and muscle rebuilders that use the banned substance. Which makes you ask the question "Is it possible that the Tatis family is telling the truth?" Im not saying its confirmed, as it IS still a reach, but it IS possible that this was an honest mistake that could cost this incredibly gifted young man the rest of his career.....

But on the bright side, at least he was a ring now, right?

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