College Athletes Finally Getting Paid, The Positives And Negatives.

As many of you likely already know, the NCAA passed a rule that allows college athletes to get paid/earn money from their name and likeness. That means college athletes can sign contracts with companies to sign autographs or endorse their company; I've even seen an athlete sign a contract that allows him to get paid to sing country music at events.

LSU CB Derek Stingley Jr, Miami QB D'Eriq King & Auburn QB Bo Nix, have already signed endorsement deals just to name a few of MANY college athletes already sign contracts.

In many ways, this rule is a step forward for the NCAA and athletes that are constantly bringing in billions of dollars for the market that is college sports. It allows college athletes to not only earn a few extra bucks on the side but help their family and friends with financial struggles.

I'm not arguing that this rule is a great step in the right direction for the NCAA, but I do worry about "balance" and "fairness." Clearly, the bigger named athletes will have the chance to earn much higher valued contracts worth much more money, which is what I believe could create the most controversy among teammates.

I worry about bigger named athletes getting much higher valued endorsement deals than their "smaller" named teammates, which I personally believe could create jealousy and frustration among teammates and casual people on campus knowing that there's an athlete walking around campus getting rich off of endorsement deals while other college athletes and students around campus struggle to find the money to pay for their books, or even pay for food.

I worry that huge named athletes getting such massive financially luxurious contracts will create "separation" and "anger" among teammates and students who might not simply have as big of a name or as much "talent" or "marketability."

I don't think anyone is against the idea of college athletes getting paid for not only bringing incredible entertainment to watchers and investors of college sports but their insanely hard work that goes with being a college athlete. But I think everyone can agree that we simply want it to be fair so these financial deals won't create separation in the locker room or in the college between athletes and casual students, especially those students who may not be on scholarship.

Thank you for taking the time to read; I greatly appreciate it :)

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