Calvin Ridley, Whats Going On?

In the 2020 season Falcons WR, Calvin Ridley had an insane breakout season. However in 2021, Ridley would only play 5 games before hanging it up on the year for a claimed mental health break. That leads us to the question, What is really going on with star WR, Calvin Ridley?


Calvin Ridley was drafted in 2018 where he posted 821 Yards and 10 Touchdowns in 16 games behind WR, Julio Jones. In 2019, Ridley put up 866 Yards and 7 Touchdowns in 13 games. In 2020, Julio Jones was battling injury issues all year putting Ridley in the spotlight as Atlanta's WR1, and he did excellent. Only playing 15 games he would reach 1,374 Yards and 9 Touchdowns on the year. Finally in 2021, Ridley would only show up for 5 games and 281 Yards with only 2 Touchdowns to show for it.


It all started in week 6 of the regular season, Falcons vs. Jets in London where Ridley reported he would not be flying out with the team due to "personal family matters". This would be the last time he would be expected to suit up in uniform. Ridley would not return for the rest of the year. He released a statement saying he would rather step away from the game and take time to himself. Respectfully, many football fans and especially Falcons fans were supportive of Ridley's decision.


Since then, Ridley and Falcons owner Arthur Blank both seemed to want a fresh start, no clear intentions by that statement are known but it does seem that Ridley wants out of Atlanta. This made many people question Ridley suggesting he only went on his mental break to not play for the Falcons and have a reason to leave the organization. Blank has said he would love to have Ridley return but is uncertain if it is likely.


If The Falcons were to trade Ridley, it would seem they are targeting an early seconds round selection in the upcoming draft. With everything going on and Ridley holding out it will be tough to get much of a good deal with him. Another thing to note is The Falcons only have 1 other WR under contract for the 2022 season, this years rookie WR, Frank Darby. Falcons will be looking to draft or sign some big play makers to help QB, Matt Ryan and this offensive unit shine again.


In conclusion, Falcons WR, Calvin Ridley will likely be traded after requesting a fresh start on the game after taking 2021 off. Whether or not his mental break was truly family related or just to get away from The Falcons we will probably never know.


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