And With the #2 Pick In the NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions Select...Not Kayvon Thibodeaux?

On April 16th, Sports Illustrated put an article out that reported that Dan Campbell might not be sold on Kayvon Thibodeaux and up until yesterday it seemed to fly under the radar. But it seems the cat is out of the bag now. Albert Breer hasn't heard from a single source who believes Thibodeaux would be a "culture fit" in Detroit. Which honestly and truly, isn't hard to believe. Campbell said "as long as he loves the game we can work with that". There have been a ton of questions about Thibodeaux's love for the game of football. Between interviewing poorly with teams interested in him and exiting the NFL Combine early. It won't surprise me to see Thibodeaux slide down the draft board if these reports turn out to be true. But there's also a part of me that wonders, could this just be a smokescreen to try to fool other teams into thinking the Lions are drafting the stud safety from Notre Dame, Kyle Hamilton. We will find out sure enough what the Lions and the rest of the NFL think of Kayvon come April 28th.

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